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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Angels are God's Messengers - I'll Fly Away - Jars of Clay

Some days the sun shines and we think that the day will end just as it began....and many days that it is the case...and some days...well, things don't go as planned.

I was with friends this past Friday, working on doing a favor for a dear lady in our church....things at my own house have been hectic, lots of things to get through...but still....not to bad....then I got the phone call.  My husband's mother who has been failing in health was not expected to make it through the weekend....the family had been called....time for me to join my husband...and so I did. 

Death is not my friend....it is something that I hate...don't know to many people that don't hate it...and when it comes to visit those we love...we hate it even more.  As the day wore on she seemed to improve in health as she felt us all with her...but when we returned from dinner we knew that things were not going well....we talked among ourselves, telling wonderful stories and laughing and then we decided we needed a snack from the snack cart....my husband turned to see her struggling for air...my sister n law called us over...my brother n law told us to lay hands on her and we prayed...not for healing..but a prayer of thanks...a prayer of gratefulness for time spent with her and the life she lived..even though it wasn't perfect...a life lived...and ready to be with her Savior and her family that had gone on before her.  I held it together pretty well...until my sister in law spoke words of thanks into my mother n law's ears for being her Mom and kissed her cheek....and then as all of her children and my brother n law and myself surrounded her...she decided that it was the perfect time to go...and she did just that.

Last night as the family gathered I heard coughing and reached for a glass to fill it with water...realized that it was indeed not her coughing...she's not coughing where she lives now....and I put the glass back. 

Any time a family member leaves you...the hole is large and it takes time to fill it.  I have lost people unexpectedly and now have been with someone as their life ends, I have always felt that if you lose your loved one in a tragic accident that it is so much harder...and now I know....its hard no matter what...no matter how you lose a loved one...its always hard.  I am so glad to know my Jesus and know that those that have left before me I will see again someday....and I...will fly away as well.

May His name be praised!

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