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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hair Detangler

Well, we are FINALLY getting better here and I am so ready to be done with being sick.  For such a mild winter I'm confused at all this sickness! Monday and Tuesday found me feverish and horrible headache and runny nose...today I'm so MUCH better! Ready for a full day of school and serious sanitizing!

For awhile now I have been meaning to do this...then this morning I was finally all out...so I HAD no choice but to DO IT!

We here at our house have a hair problem...so detangler is how we fix it!

All you need is one to 2 tablespoons of conditioner, fill up with water, shake, spray! THAT is SOOO EASY!

Plus I put it in her princess bottle and now I'm amazing because I made PRINCESS DETANGLER...I know, if everyone else thought I was as talented as my four year old:)

Hope you all had a good weekend! My E got to keep a "secret" at who her Mommy was....she did a GREAT job!

and today we are starting our new reading program where we are learning to READ! This will be a long process I'm sure...but so far...we are making progress!

Have a GREAT day!

PS Can you tell I got a new camera??? I did I did! I love it! I have been using my CELL PHONE! and even though its smart...its not as wonderful as my canon rebel!!!! We are learning how to use it...and we are rather sad...but we are getting there:)

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  1. I found your blog via the Farmgirl Friday blog hop :) :) Thanks for the detangler recipe. My hair is straight and starting to go towards shoulder length..and sometimes it's hard to comb out. Did your detangler leave any kind of heavy residue in your hair? Oh, and congrats on making "princess" detangler :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)