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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Organizing the Fridge

I have tried to come up with a system for a long time that would work in our fridge.  We have six people living in this house and they all seem to require several different tastes....plus we have one with a corn allergy.  However, for awhile my hubby has been complaining about not being able to find things...like the all important salsa...important things like that...BUT I have to say...I have been frustrated as well...soooo....here I go!

I didn't take a before pic because....well, we just didn't need to see that! So I first took things out of the fridge and then threw a lot of things away that were expired...EEEWWWWW! Then, I started putting things away in the containers to see exactly what I had so that I could label it! So, this is what I came up with....four bins at Target that are $1.99 each...I'm sure you can even find cheaper ones than that...I just liked this color...AND then I got out my labelmaker and started labeling!

I know that there are other people that are able to make their fridges look even more amazing than this...but we buy in bulk and I can't get it down more than that.....so for now...I'm happy with this!

Well, my four year old has been battling with fevers all day....hoping tomorrow is a better day:)

Happy Organizing!

I'm also back into clowning again...after being gone for a year...dealing with sickness from my 4yr old and an injury that I had.....it was good to put the red nose on again....it felt REALLY good to make some people smile today:)

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