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Friday, March 2, 2012

Difficult Days

To say this week has been difficult would be an understatement.  I now officially do not want to answer the phone in any way shape or form.  I am ready for good news, and sunny days.  My heart is weak, my spirit is low...but God is in control and His arms are wrapped around us as we go through these difficult times.

Today we grieve our Grandma Segrist...my husband's mother.  Her children and myself along with my brother n law were there when she passed.  She had a peaceful end to her life and we know that she walks with Jesus.  Still, no matter how peaceful, no matter how happy we are that she is with Jesus we still mourn for the hole that fills our hearts where she once filled.

Grandma Segrist in purple

Then this past Monday my Father had a heart attack and had a stint put in.  He is doing better now and out of the hospital but will have to make huge dietary changes.  We are thankful for the answered prayers and that he will be with us longer!

This picture is about four years old but I just love it!
Then my "nanny" that is what we called her, passed away yesterday....she was 96.

This picture was taken in October and was the last time we saw her

The four generations
I will be going down with my family to mourn the passing of my Grandmother this coming week.

Then, this coming Thursday my second sister Kathie will be having surgery...she has breast cancer.

My sister Kathie is the one in the pink shirt--she made these aprons for us that my Nanny had made the squares
So, asking for the Lord to uphold our family this week...as we walk through a dark road that none of us want to go down but that He is asking us to.

Ps. 46:1 God is my refuge and strength...a very present help in times of trouble.

May His name be praised!

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  1. Prayers for strength, stamina, comfort, and memories to flood out the spaces where the holes are in your heart. I'm so sorry for the bombardment of it all but I know you are looking for God's hand in it all.