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Monday, April 2, 2012

Chocolate and Lavender Soap

I've been a little busy lately.  Getting ready for a huge sale next week with the purging of our home, getting soap ready for a craft fair...and dealing with lots of activities for the kids....last night was their last night of awanas for the year...and my son T's last time in it forever...Momma was quite sad!  To my surprise they BOTH won clubber of the year!

My sister is in town...with my parents who are about an hour away but she came by for a visit the other day which was LOVELY! She is an excellent source to help me purge my home and make it work better and also she's great at getting me to finally buy clothes...because frankly....I'm not so good at buying clothes...with the exception of running clothes!

Then last night I finally parted with my beloved hutch that has not been able to work correctly in my home for about a year....I was just having a hard time parting with it! In its place.....I have a gorgeous new cabinet that will now keep coats, bags, shoes organized.  For four years this space as been dead space and not working effectively for us...NOW its all BETTER!!!!!

Today will find me painting it...but for now here's a pic!  I LOVE IT!!!!

It is such a strange little "entry" its been such a burden to figure out how to use this space effectively for four years!!!!! We believe a hundred years ago it was where people would sit as they waited for the person that they were "calling" on.  It will be fun to paint and decorate this space!

Now....for the soap that I made...did you fall asleep wondering when I would get to it.  This was just a small 2 lb batch of soap...but smells GLORIOUS!!!!

This soap contains the following ingredients: Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Pomace Olive Oil, Palm oil, Shea Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Lavender and Herb Fragrance, Dark Rich Chocolate Fragrance, Super Pearly White Mica, Cappuccino Mica, and Almond Meal.

The challenge with this soap was making sure that the top layer was thick enough...I probably should have measured a little bit more carefully instead of "eyeballing" it...however the chocolate fragrance was enough to make me want to lick it (I refrained). I believe it will be quite a wonderful and rich soap...when I walk downstairs past the drying rack of all my soaps and on my way to the washing machine I just have to stop and sniff....who can resist chocolate???? 

Have a GREAT smelling day!!!!!

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