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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Fun

This past week was very busy.  I still had lots of activities that the kids are involved in, trying to get projects done, and my sister was in town so I was back and forth to my parents house quite a bit...they live over an hour away.

My sister and I did a lot of shopping together (I never buy clothes for myself until she's here).  I rearranged some things in my house, and this week finds me completely exhausted but with a very messy house but I did have a blast and so did my children.  We had gorgeous weather yesterday and I am blessed!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter as well!

My E is allergic to corn so candy was difficult to find for her.  She can have Kit Kats, and Resees Peanut Butter cups, she can also have sweet tarts....so she got a little candy but mostly toys...

My T is growing so fast I can't believe it...trying to not indulge a TON of candy I got him a Nerf gun, a new Bible and a new Kutless cd and of course candy!

For my teenage stepdaughters I played it a bit differently.  They are constantly in need of hair accessories, underwear, cute socks, leggings and I of course indulged them in a bit of candy.  They seemed pretty happy...usually I never know which one wants which so I put it all in baskets and they can switch what they like....this year I think I did pretty good...they were wearing the socks so I guess that's a heads up???

We then enjoyed morning worship and came back for our house for a quiet dinner.  It was a difficult year this year without our Grandma to join us.  We had a yummy dinner where we inhaled green beans, sweet potatoes and our lovely organic ham...followed by lots of rest and relaxing...we then enjoyed a very short Easter egg hunt.

May His name be praised!

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