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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Growth Chart

So a HUNDRED years ago I set out to make this....two deaths in the family, a heart attack for my Dad and some serious JUNK going on and...I'm BACK!

I have wanted one of these forever and Pottery Barn quit making them (plus they were ummm...$130) then I saw them being offered on another website that I loved for around $80...and seriously.....I just couldn't do it....so I went to Home Depot....bought the board....and then bought stain I used Golden Oak.  I bought stenciled numbers and my grand total came to $12! YES!!!!!

So, after I stained the board and put two coats of stain on it I was ready to go!

I used the tape measure and marked off every inch.

Can you tell my child was annoying me???
After I marked everything off it was time to bring out my sharpie:)

Do you love how I get my new cubbies in every shot?!
She was SOOO excited!
He just has to ACT like he doesn't care!

I just might need a BIGGER chart!  You can adjust the height based on how high you want it off the floor.  I am not hanging mine because its in a place we don't travel through so it will be fine...but just adjust off the floor as you please!

Pretty easy project and fun and best of all...saved me A TON:)

Have a GREAT day!

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  1. Awesome job! And you saved so much by doing it yourself, its almost like you got it for 91% off! :)

  2. How sweet is that?!
    Not to mention... you don't have to mark it, you can just take a snap shot to document.
    I bet it's fun not just for your kids, but for their friends, and for parties...
    Oh,this would be a great present for someone with kids or having a baby... I'm so glad I saw this.
    You could even use plywood to make several-- YES! I can make these for my grown kids to use with their children... the plywood can be cut right there at the hardware store too.

    You are a genius...and I'm your newest follower.
    (i follow all the genii...Is that plural for genius?)