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Sunday, April 29, 2012

HomeSchool Schedules

This year has been tough....we had a lot of family difficulties in February and March and school....well....for the first time since we started homeschooling three years ago we will NOT be done by the first of May!

I MAKE my son finish ALL his history, math, Science, and Foreign Language, and Grammar as well.  Since we have had two deaths in the family and my father who was ill with a heart attack and my sister who came up that I haven't seen in a year...PLUS my laptop which is where I have my son's Language and Science on decided to DIE last week...as ridiculous as it sounds we are down to ONE computer....can you believe that I'm saying that like that's a hardship??? I remember when a computer was a LUXURY and now its a NEED!

So, there is a method to my my babbling....or should I say a POINT!

It is this time each year that I re-evaluate what we are doing and what we NEED to be doing for each child.  As those teachers who teach the same grade every year they are able to re-evaluate what is working for their class and what isn't....with homeschooling you have to constantly do that AND you have to take in account what your child will NEED for the next year.

This year I allowed my T to do a reading, grammar, spelling curriculum all in one...which he LOVED! It is called www.totallanguageplus.com   I HIGHLY recommend this curriculum, however, this next year I will be using my good ol trusty grammar...because frankly....I just plain like the STRUCTURE of it....www.rodandstaff.com  so since we are going to 7th grade next year....(can I CRY now) that's what we are using...in fact, I've already ordered the books for next year! My son is sooo happy (insert sarcastic laugh here). 

Our Math we are doing I'm completely pleased with so we will continue with that as well www.teachingtextbooks.com  I CANNOT say enough of awesome things about this curriculum.  It's AWESOME!!!!

We are lacking in the Science department though...I have tried Apologia and frankly its too easy for 6th grade....we need something serious....so for next year we have already ordered  bobjonesuniversitypress.com  I have heard its wonderful (from my sister) and I'm trying very hard to get my son EXCITED about Science.

For History we are continuing to use www.peacehillpress.com  We have enjoyed this series to the fullest.  History is my son's FAVORITE subject and she does not disappoint with this curriculum.  This will be our last year for these books, I have enjoyed how she puts it in chronological order.  It totally makes sense NOW!! History to me was always taught in segments and my brain just can't process that way....I need it ORGANIZED what can I say!

For Bible my son is actually happy with the paces kind of approach so he wanted to do it this way again...so I ordered the next series for that as well.  www.aop.com  Lifepac has a lot of packets designed for the "extra" subjects so to speak.  The only negative I can give you is the grade books...they are very difficult to figure out where they are so you can check your child's work.  I have no idea WHY they are set up that way.  If you have graded your child's work you know what I mean.  However, it gives my son a lot of "meat" so I am happy with this curriculum.

For French this year I'm going to bite the bullet and get Rosetta Stone...I have heard its the BEST.  We have used two other methods because they were cheaper and they are just not getting it done!  So, that's what we are doing.

Those are the main subjects that we are working on.  I of course have spelling, critical thinking skills, geography to fill in as well.  My son is also involved in a co-op and each semester those classes change.  He takes chess and has since 4th grade.  Last year he took French, martial arts, guitar, chess and really continues to enjoy those classes as they change each fall and spring.  He is also involved in Boy Scouts, sports and highly involved in our church.

For my 4 year old things differ.  She is my first child to homeschool from the beginning.  We have successfully learned to count, learning our numbers, our alphabet and are now in Kindergarten Math.  For her I am teaching her www.mathusee.com  She greatly enjoys Math so we decided not to wait until next year we decided to just keep going.  We are also doing handwriting and Bible as well as craft time.  This summer we will be concentrating on learning to enunciate our words and learn the TRUE sounds of words.  My daughter couldn't hear for the first year of life and so now even though she can write her name with absolutely no help and knows the alphabet she has trouble with the proper sounds of the letters.  WE will be doing a new study this summer called www.proedinc.com  The study we are using is called LiPS and I'm excited about it.  My daughter also enjoys Science so we are doing a study of ladybugs and now we are moving on to butterflies.  We are buying the kits from www.insectlore.com  and LOTS of books from the library! We are also getting ready to go to the zoo very soon and spend lots of time in the Butterfly house! I can't WAIT! This is where homeschooling gets really fun for me.  She doesn't even realize she's learning she just LOVES learning! Is it just me or is it super exciting to hear my daughter walking around saying "chrysalis"....seriously so fun to watch her fascination!

So, if you homeschool this just gives you an idea how I approach the next school year.  I have two children who have completely different learning styles.  If I waited to the summer to order curriculum and re-evaluate for the next year it wouldn't get done well because our summers seem to be more insane than the regular school year.  Plus we have one going to college this year so that will REALLY be a difficult thing for my husband and the household in general!

Have a GREAT day !

Letting our ladybugs go in our garden!

Educating your children can happen anywhere at anytime.  Making your children LOVE the adventure of finding out how things work, learning about the world around them is the key to making them LOVE learning.  

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Wow! My hat is off to you... you have a lot on your plate! Your children are very lucky.