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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Baskets and Butterflies

It's that time of year again...you know the insanity of May.  We have three birthdays in our immediate family this month along with my stepdaughter graduating, throw in Mothers Day and the ending of several activities that we are involved in and the month of May can become as dreaded and draining as the month of December!

So, this year there are so many graduates that we know that we want to give gifts to.  Normally, I just give money but this year with as many as we knew I was aware our budget could NOT handle it...so I came up with an idea for the girls...and then just kept checking with others for the boys and think I have a solution for them as well. For the boys I got emergency kits, cough drops, medicine etc that they would need when are away.  I realize that's kind of boring but at the same time....I remember wishing I had those things my first time away from home.  I like to give money but sometimes the budget doesn't always allow that so being creative is fun as well!

For the girls I have decided to give baskets of my homemade soap and lipbalm! So far, my baskets have been a huge hit at our store and I'm hoping our Senior girls will be delighted as well!

I found these baskets made with newspaper at Hobby Lobby!

Then I found these adorable baskets for our store!
So, needless to say my soap supply is getting depleted very quickly again....so this week I will be making lots more soap!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day! After our morning walk and errands done we decided to release our butterflies....with the exception of one (poor little butterfly who can't fly) they all flew away and we are enjoying seeing them come back to our yard as well.  My E enjoys telling them HI:)

May your spring be glorious! Have a GREAT day!

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