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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sneak Peek at THE QUILT

So, I am soooo behind on this project....its for my dear friend who lives very far away....and I wasn't going to post it until it was all done...but I thought a little sneak peek couldn't hurt.

This quilt was SUPPOSED to be done in February or at the latest MARCH....but two deaths in the family and some serious health issues within my family did NOT allow that to happen! SOOOO, did I tell you that I barely know HOW to sew!

I was so tired of the boring gift card and outfit...I wanted something with MEANING...something that showed how much I cared...a part of ME...does that make sense????

So, I found this version of a very SIMPLE quilt on pinterest....THEY said it was SIMPLE but if you don't sew very often NOTHING is SIMPLE...can you tell how I feel as I capitalize??????

So, I had an old sewing machine that belonged to my grandmother.....it was a DISASTER....so I saved up my "fun money" from my soap selling and went and bought a new machine....my Mother helped me get it ready and all went well...UNTIL...she left....I knew I couldn't wait another week to start...I had to get this done before this baby was a TODDLER! So I did the unthinkable...that's right...I got out the manual and read it! THEN I realized that virtually everything I had done was WRONG!!!!! So, once I redid the bobbin, adjust the length, the tension, the stitch, the EVERYTHING...it worked (WHO KNEW???) I mean, picky, picky, picky eh???? So, its not perfect....and I'm sure my dear friend can just throw it down and let the dogs lay on it...BUT perhaps she will think of me and the HOURS I spent on it...NO KIDDING! and realize that I do love her so:)

Here's a sneak peek...this week find me doing the binding....YUCK!!!! I will PERSERVERE!!!!

The BACK of the quilt

The front its supposed to have frayed edges which I will cut down more
A closer view of the front

Another view of the BACK

Have a GREAT day and if you hear screaming....its just FRUSTRATION and the love/hate relationship with my SEWING machine!!!!!

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