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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Baby Blanket Completed!

I have been working on this project for my dear friend since JANUARY! Have you ever had a project that every time you set down to work on it something went wrong?! We have battled family illness, deaths in the family, and insane busy May and then JUST when I thought I would complete it I get tonsillitis?! Who gets tonsillitis in their 30's?? Well, apparently I DO! THEN this week I had a reaction to my meds...apparently I am ALLERGIC to penicillin! So....I had lovely little polka dots ALL over!

So, back to the blanket!

This is also the first sewing project I have done since my teen years....it took WAY longer for me than it would an experienced seamstress...but I marched on!

I took about seven different flannel pieces that complimented each other and went together and cut them out two pieces each.  I then cut them up in the size that would fit the flannel pieces that I cut out.  Then I sewed down the center of each one.  After that I laid them out in the pattern that I wanted.

In the future I will not cut out smaller pieces I will stick to just two sizes...I found it difficult to have such different sizes...again, I'm NOT experienced!

Then I sewed each piece together, right sides....this was difficult since the blanket was thick...but again....onward sister...I WILL figure this out!

ALL completed!!! Soo Happy!

After being washed...I like how it makes it look a little shabbier which is the look I wanted!

The back of the quilt

In order to kinda make it look a little more "shabby" I put it in the washing machine and just pulled it out and I'm happy to say it didn't fall apart! It also got rid of a lot of strings!

My Mother did help me with the binding...due to the fact that I had a fever of 102....but other than that it is my handiwork!

Again, an experienced seamstress probably could do this in an hour...but me....it took quite a lot more than that!

Tomorrow I will send it to my dear friend and hope that she can forgive me for its LATENESS!!!!

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  1. That is a very beautiful baby blanket!

  2. That is a very beautiful baby blanket, you did a great job on it!