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Monday, June 11, 2012

Boy Scout Camp

Yesterday I dropped my son off at Boy Scout Camp.  As always, I instantly missed him horribly as soon as we left...even though I must confess on the way there I thought the time away from each other might perhaps be good....he's twelve...that's all I'm saying....despite my reminders....his hat, his hiking boots, and one of his socks was still on his bedroom floor.  Lucky for him I go there on Wednesday for Family Night.  Last night it rained and there was lightening and we soooo NEEDED the rain but I just couldn't sleep worrying about my boy in the rain in a tent....as always they know what they are doing...but still I worry.

This picture was taken right before we left...and I am NOT standing in a hole...he really is THAT tall!

He's growing soo fast...and EATING like crazy.  He passed his swim test I hear so that swimming merit badge will hopefully be easily earned now.  That's one stress off my shoulders.  I shall miss him but Boy Scouts is just a WONDERFUL opportunity for our boys to learn to become men.  I am grateful the men that lead him.  They are wonderful encouragers and teach him things that I never could.

Last night ended with a skit for our church ladies that my fellow clown and I put on.  Anything and everything went wrong for this skit before.  From costume difficulties to prop issues to illness...but in the end it all worked out.

The skit was based on the Proverbs 31 woman and we were able to choose a lady from our group that we felt needed encouragement and also met to the best of her ability the virtues listed in scripture.  I forgot one prop but of course no one knew...but me....and now you...since I told you...I still feel a bit bad about it:(

I have pink hair and my friend has the green!
Have a great week! I'm starting on the changing of rooms and painting and soap making and organizing since I have one child gone!  It's gonna be busy but productive!

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