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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Coffee Soap and Orange Soap

The painting and shuffling of rooms begins today....two beds are sold, one needs to be painted and two dressers painted, a ton of stuff moved and probably more stuff donated...but the process has begun and I'm grateful...grateful for summer which allows all these "organization" projects to begin.

I'm waiting for a few more soap supplies to make some more soap but I can't WAIT to get them...I have two more that will be soo fun to try!

Yesterday I was able to bring up two soaps which I am so thrilled about...the first up is my coffee soap! This is a new twist on the other coffee soap that I use.  This one has no fragrance whatsoever but is scented only with coffee butter and coffee grounds..It has fantastic lather and a copper mica on the top which really makes it a beautiful soap!  I just adore how it turned out!

The next soap I made I have made before but this time I bought a frother.  A frother helps me be able to smooth out all pigments so that when I make my soap there are no little dots of color throughout...which annoys me.  This soap is by far the one that has the greatest lather I make.  Its simply just the most wonderful soap.  I adore making it, its so fun...I just LOVE it! This is def one of my favorites!

I have also been using my sea clay and avocado oil face soap for two weeks and I have to tell you that I LOVE it!  Its just great on my skin and my hubby is using it to!

I do have regular shampoo bars curing which my hubby has been so anxious about (which makes me feel good that he loves them). I have the Blue Man soap curing again and also a new twist on Cranberry fig soap curing which in my opinion is the prettiest soap I have ever made so far!

On another note the baby blanket got to my friend in Hawaii and her baby loves it she said! She sent me a pic with him on it and I'm in LOVE! I would love to show you but I have to have Mommy's permission before I put her sweet baby all over blog land...but here is the pic of the blanket!  So, one by one, my projects are being marked off! That is SUCH a good feeling!

Have a super duper day!

I will post pics of the rooms as I complete them!

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