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Monday, June 25, 2012

Redo of Bedroom 1

The room projects started out to be a switching of rooms and now...that has all changed...but since I had already sold my son's captains beds...it left us in a bit of a pinch...shall we say!

So, after I painted the walls a beautiful french gray from Behr paint and the trim white which my trim is quite thick as you can see...AND I had three huge doors to paint white as well.

We were able to find a loft bed on Craiglist that was local and put together last night.  I LOVE the way it turned out....he has so much more room now.  We still need to go through some toys etc and let some things go but we are def getting there.  The pics were taken at night...and I might have to take more.  I have two more rooms to overhaul but this one is finally done!

I need to buy a desk chair but a GREAT place to do our school now!
The black dresser used to belong to my Grandmother it was a red wood color I painted black and spray painted the knobs silver.  Turned out very awesome I think!
The only money spent in this room is the money for the bed, a new basket for his xbox games and controllers and paint...everything else we were able to use...

Here are some more close up pics!

The storage files that you see contain all homeschool curriculm by subject
Bought this basket at Home Goods...I was sooo sick of all controls being EVERYWHERE!
This wall made me sad...all his Upward pics that he's too big for, his first plane ride, pics of when my husband adopted him....I call it the "cry wall" If you see tags on his dresser those are labels of what goes into what drawer...because he's 12 and well....he's twelve!
My son loves hats....this was the storage we chose two years ago and it still works! Don't mind the walking sticks that seem to be multiplying year by year!
Game area...pillows from TJ Maxx forever ago...for his friends to lounge on while they play games...will probably have to get some more now but for now it will do!

Have a GREAT day!

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