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Friday, July 6, 2012

Be Careful Little Eyes what You See

My husband and I were out to dinner last night all by our little ol selves...which is very rare these days!  We were enjoying dinner and we had an excellent waiter.  He asked us what we were doing after if we were watching a movie...we had casually looked in the "cheap" theater in town and found nothing that really "spoke" to us so we decided to get a movie from our local DVD rental place...the only one still operating in town.  He then told us that he was being dragged to a movie called "Magic Mike" we don't watch tv so we had NO idea what he was talking about...when he explained what it was...and saying he had NO desire to watch it....I frankly was completely confused!

Why in heavens name are women watching this...why do we think its ok? Would we say the same if our men were going to watch a female stripper???

My first husband, who passed away almost ten years ago...was plagued my pornography.  It killed my marriage, it killed my family...my son was robbed of ever knowing his father.  My husband felt immense guilt and felt that he would never be good enough to come back to our family....he did not understand GRACE...he did not understand that God forgives and will cleanse us...but he also knew the pull that pornography had on him...I can tell you as a wife that when I would find these materials what it did to my self esteem....the fact that I could NEVER measure up....EVER! Is this making you uncomfortable??? It makes me VERY uncomfortable to talk about it...but I personally will NOT be silent!  If this steps on your toes and makes you uncomfortable I really don't care! Pornography starts out "cute"...I guess if you can even say those two in the same sentence!THEN it pulls you in....that has been my observation...and then it destroys you, your family, and everyone around you....

So, yes....I am appalled that women are going to see this movie.  I am appalled that we as women are allowing our daughters to wear shorts so short that the pockets stick out from underneath.  I am confused at why we allow our daughters to wear words on their backsides and then say "How dare that man look there!?" Really, we are surprised?! I am confused at why we buy jeans from local retailers that make the cut so tight in certain places that we know its deliberate and still buy them and say how our four year old daughters are learning to "work it?" REally, my five year old doesn't need to "work" anything! I personally have told the owners of Old Navy that I didn't approve of their "boyfriend" cut for my four year old daughter now five...I personally will NOT buy any clothes for my five year old except from "Gymboree and Children's Place and Target." These stores seem to realize that little girls are still little girls! I will not buy my teenagers any clothes from retailers that start with an A or an H....Only American Eagle and Aeropastle (I am sure that I spelled that wrong)  My teenage step daughter asked me why I wouldn't buy any clothes from a certain "H" store and we walked by the store and there was a huge picture that was quite unsavory of a guy with his jeans, and he wasn't doing anything NICE....and she looked at me and said "I totally GET it thanks!"

So, you wonder why we as a country are going downhill in morals and values....we only have to look so far as our own churches and the people in them...when we look more and more like the world and go more and more to their movies and find nothing wrong with them and our conscience is not pricked not even a little...well? Personally, how can we point any longer to the world and say how horrible they are....if we as christians are sitting there right beside them in the movies, in the bars...in the places that we KNOW we shouldn't be...then WHY would we expect those that do not know the Lord to be ANY different...

Today, I posted on my facebook the following status...."oh be careful little eyes what you see, oh be careful little eyes what you see.  For the Father up above is looking down in love so be careful little eyes what you see." 

We are teaching our children what is right and acceptable and good...and we have NOT done what we should if this is what we think is holy and right and acceptable unto our Heavenly Father. 

Some may find what I write offensive, rude and prudish...but take a look at your family and realize that the enemy wants nothing more than to DESTROY it...one "fun" movie...at a time!


  1. Jamie,

    It is so sad isn't it?

    Be prepared, I received so much hate mail after my original post on this subject.

    Keep pressing on!

  2. I agree about not getting the hype over that movie or the Fifty Shades of Gray books. I know im in the minority, but have no interest in that. I would rather go see Katy Perry's new movie, because I think it's great how she shows girls to go for their dreams.