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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chocolate Butterscotch Soap

Lately I'm getting a bit more BRAVE in my soap endeavors! I'm finally feeling a bit more secure about trying things on my own.  I love the chocolate EO and had gotten some Butterscotch EO free from Brambleberry and wanted to see if the two would go?!

I took my tried and true soap recipe and then just added three colors.  I used Tangerine WOW, Cappucino Mica, and Titanium Dioxide...

Soo far these are the two types of soap design I got!  I have no idea if the colors will change in four weeks or not.  I left fragrance out of the yellow but the orange I put the butterscotch EO in so we will see if it discolors....meanwhile this is what they looked like before going on the drying rack!

Did a bit of swirling

Then I put the rest of the soap in a vertical mold had a bit of some "technical" difficulties...but it turned out pretty cool I think!

Now we wait and see if the EO discolors or not...I really hope not because I LOVE how these soaps are all so very different! and the smell....oh SISTER! The smell is chocolate heaven...without any extra calories!

Can't wait to cut up this bad boy today!!!!

Colors are pink, white and black and I did some experimenting with embedding??? We shall see! Have a GREAT smelling day!!!!

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