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Sunday, July 22, 2012

God Is Enough - Lecrae (feat. Flame & Jai) - lyrics on screen

Last night I went to HeartFest with our youthgroup...I wasn't excited about going...its 104 degrees out and humidity was killer! We would stand there waiting for a ride at the amusement park and you could feel the sweat dripping off your back, down your face, we had four layers of GRIME....however, the payoff was coming I just didn't know it.

We sweat through the day, kept track of ten kids that were in my group...endured the screaming of girls, the indecision that comes with being young...even the simplest tasks like which rides to ride first seemed hard to conclude...oh the joys of being young...so hard to stand up and just SAY this is what I would like to do...to be a LEADER...its hard to do.  I had a great group of girls and boys and I was with a college age girl to help and was so happy to have her...without her...I would have not made it!

That night we listened to Jamie Grace....I love Jamie Grace...love her songs...love her LOVE her! I went off to cool off for a little while and then came back to watch Lecrae...I wasn't thrilled about this but at the same time I have never told my son he couldn't listen to him.  I don't like his style but his words and testimony I can't argue with...seriously....I cannot!  Everything within me wanted to run away...part of me felt that there was something wrong I was doing.  If you grew up in a cloud of legalism and fundamentalism like i did you understand the constant struggle....is this right...is this wrong???? He started speaking...and he by all appearances looked like the "least of these"...why? Then he started speaking, giving his testimony, quoting scripture, giving all glory to God for His accomplishments...then an amazing thing began happening.  My son, had no idea I was watching him...and I knew it...he was two rows in front of me beside one of his friends...the whole entire crowd of young people had all arms in air...shouting with NO apologies..."God is ENOUGH!" Lecrae was encouraging them to NEVER be ashamed of Jesus...to stand up for what they believe...and to tell others about Jesus...who am I to deny this and say he wasn't working for the Lord, to say that what he was able to accomplish wasn't short of a MIRACLE? With tears in my eyes...I thanked God for the opportunity to be there...that my son was there....that he was chanting unashamed "God is ENOUGH!" with other young people.  I gave a wink to my first late husband as we had promised each other years ago what we wanted for our son...that we wanted him to go to christian concerts and to approach the throne of GRACE in a way we never could...with reverence yes...but for him to have a relationship with our Savior...and there it was...two weeks after Trey had come to me telling me that he got reassurance of his salvation...three years I have been praying praying praying for a change in my son....there I was...able to witness a beautiful moment...and I greatly enjoyed it.

I have no doubt that the rains will come, and that my son as well as the young people that were there will have doubts in who their Savior is...but with the help of artists like Lecrae...I pray that they will continue to say "God is ENOUGH!"

May His Name be praised!

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