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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Organic Produce

I'm back into running again!  Don't get too excited lately the farthest I've pushed myself is 1 1/2 miles....for two days straight I've been pooping out at one mile! Thursday though....I'm making myself do 2 miles....really...perhaps I should have my son run ahead of me with chocolate??? Good grief!

So, the economy stinks right now...so I'm cutting back in all sorts of places....the biggest our grocery bill! I do buy a lot of fruit...I have never bought a lot of chips or little debbies etc! I do buy Teddy Grahams and Goldfish and organic fruit snacks...and now...I'm not buying cereal anymore.  SOO, I buy a lot of fruit at Sam's because usually its very good and pretty cheap.  I know that Aldi's is cheap but usually not as good and I need A LOT of fruit with six people living here....so one of my friends that lives an hour away posted on her Instagram a pic of a local group that delivered her produce right to her door! Well, I was intrigued! Anything that  can get me to stay out of the store right now is a VERY good thing!

So, I got online....ordered...and was pleasantly surprised at what I got! Check it out! You can cancel any time, have it delivered as often as you want...substitute certain things...its a beautiful thing!

We have a TINY garden in the back that is giving me cucumbers and very very slowly it MIGHT give me a sweet pepper...our tomato plant is as slow as slow can be...giving me one tomato a week...and I of course can't grow the fruits shown! Is it a HUGE money saver??? No, but its not costing me MORE either...and its FRESH and it comes to my door! What could be BETTER than that?? ok...I guess...the whole picking it out of your yard is easy to....but I can't grow bananas in the Midwest...or oranges!

Have a BLESSED and FRESH day!

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