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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Puppy Adoptions

Let me first say that I was against this....I wanted a puppy...the smell....the cutenes...the attachment that you have when you first bring a puppy home...well, business is down this year....and even if it wasn't the cost of a new dog...well, lets just say its outrageous!

We went to our animal shelter three weeks in a row....and basically it went pretty well.  I was up front with all the kids and always told them that we were praying for the exact right dog for us...that we would NOT be bringing a puppy home today....that we were just LOOKING!

The first visit was rough....my E went home heartbroken for all the sad doggies...prayed every night for them to find an owner...and then....she would be soo happy when we would come back the next week and we were told those sad doggies had new homes:) 

This particular week I had my eye on a doggy and he was still there! This had not happened to us so I was so excited! We got him out of his cage and we were playing around with him...the worker was a little unsure of how he would do with E and THEN the doggy bit at me...then he bit at the worker...then we decided....he's a big fat NO! So cute, but so NOT going to work!  So, the worker showed me another doggy....he was filthy....but those eyes...he was BEGGING me....and he was soo friendly...jumped right up wagging his tail at my E....we played with him for awhile and then I knew...he was meant for us! He is part Shih Tzu and part Bishon.  He is housetrained and the sweetest dog EVER! He didn't cry last night and he's had one accident and that's when we brought him home...the shelter worker said that even if their housebroken which the previous owner said he was (they had to give the dog up due to moving into an apartment) they forget once they are at the shelter.  This morning there was no mess in the kitchen and he has so far gone outside to use the bathroom...of course it is only 9am who knows what the day will bring!

Anyway, we love him...and we are so glad we rescued him.  Because he needed to be fixed he cost a 100 dollars...however, he is fixed, license and rabies shots are done and all he needs right now is a REALLY good bath and grooming...we have to wait for a week since he just got fixed!

So, adoption is def cheaper and if you happen to get one that is already fixed you can walk away only spending 50 dollars.  What totally blew me away is the breeds that are at this shelter.  Even though our dog was a mix there are tons of full breeds at the shelters.  We almost got a Daschund, there were several full bred shitzus but you have to get there quickly because these animals go super fast! Every time I was there there were a lot of people there.  Timing is critical.  I knew that the dog we wanted had just become available so I knew that I had to be there immediately...and I just happened to get the dog I got...later in the week the other dogs were becoming available and I doubt they would last long...so I say...if you have the patience to keep looking and looking....and you like saving money while helping out an animal...then adoption is right for you!

Here are some pics of our new Buddy!

My E and I found this at Target and thought it was PERFECT!

Such a cute face!

What a scary couple of weeks he's had! So good to see a doggie taking a nap in our house again!
Have a GREAT day!


  1. Oh Jamie! I'm so excited for you guys! A dog is such a wonderful new member of the family and to rescue one whose family has given him up (which has got to be devastating to him - I'm sure he wondered what he had done) is even better!

    I'm a bit of a dog-o-phile and I agree that your sweet newcomer would normally need a little practice re-housetraining in his new home. Sometimes it is not that they "forget" about pottying outside, but it's more of you getting to know his signals for wanting to go out, and he needs to know where you want him to go - that kind of thing. This breed will need to visit a groomer every month or so, unless you learn to use the comb/clippers and nail trimmers yourself. You might want to start asking around for referrals. I know of Pawsitively Great K-9 Salon, located across from Upco and just a little down from them. Also Mona at All Creatures Animal Hospital is very popular.I have beagles, though, and they do not really need a groomer, so I have never used these places myself.

    Visit this great website for adorable collars and matching leashes! http://www.cozycritter.com/
    Especially consider a Halloween collar and Leash and one for Christmas too! They are so fun!

    Why do they think he is a Shih Tzu/Bichon Frise' mix? He sure looks like all Shih Tzu! Is his name Buddy?

  2. I don't know why they think that...I would assume that they were told that by the owner...they also aren't sure how old he is. The vet guessed a year and called him a shih tzu mix I have no idea...Right now my E and I are calling him Buddy while we try to agree on a name! He's soo sweet!