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Friday, July 6, 2012

Redo of Gmas Bed

My husband's mother passed away in February...and now our family has the task of cleaning out the house and distributing her belongings and selling her house....absolutely NOTHING about it is fun.  My hubby's sister however, wanted the bedroom set to stay in the family...so she asked if we would take it....at first I said no then....I had a couple of thoughts:)

I personally asked Miss Mustard Seed what she would use...because these are important pieces and I want to be able to have them for a LONG time and not paint, repaint, paint, repaint....even though....that's still very possible....she suggested the following:

Now, just so you know...this stuff isn't cheap....but I will tell you that I didn't even use HALF of this can for the bed...and I'm positive that I can complete the other two pieces of furniture with no problem!

So, this was my first time using chalk paint...and I have to say...... LOVE IT! Its the kind of paint that you just don't know what its going to do until you start working with the piece....it makes you kinda slow down and take your time...and if you know me....that's a miracle right there!

So, here is what we started with!

It was a little to boring for me....so last night on our "date" I asked my hubby to stop by my lovely Home Depot...and get a few things...HEY! we had FUN buying a new light and got something cool for him...are we showing our age???? ANYWAY! this is what I found!

This was about five dollars...they have more that  go up in price and down in price....and I just knew it would be PERFECT!

and it was....TADAH!


Now, onto painting! I had to work fast this morning because its 108 u see! Oh you think I'm exaggerating???? This is the Midwest! I promise.....with the heat index...that's where we are at sister! This heat is making me have to do the dresser inside this afternoon!  just turn the fan on and wear masks...we will be ok???

So...here is the bed with just the chalk paint....yes, I took a million pictures...but I just wanted you to enjoy the transformation as much as I???!!!!

Then I applied a clear wax, which made things a little darker...I could have gone over it again with sandpaper and then clear wax but I didn't want a completely distressed looked...I liked the way it looked as is...

and here it is with the clear wax....

Can't wait to get it in my five year olds room! She was wanting rainbow colors but I'm sure she will come to like it! I did buy her BRIGHT bedding....I wanted Shabby Chic...but she picked out bright colors and it was on sale so I figured I could live with it!

Now onto another dresser...and then another! and then we are DONE! Stay tuned!

Have a GREAT day!

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