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Monday, July 9, 2012

Turning old things into new uses

This economy seems to be taking the life out of everything right now.  Our business is down right now...and so I'm re-thinking a LOT on how we do things.  Lately....I've been "shopping my house" as my sister would say...or in my case "shopping Gmas house" and being able to go to the store and only buying NEEDS!

So, here is the latest nightstand that will go in my daughters room.  I really should have taken a picture of it before...it was silver and rusty spots and I love this color and had some left over! I think it turned out SUPER cute!

We are changing three bedrooms around right now and I'm almost done with the second, getting ready to start on the third.  This bed we liked but it didn't work well...so we switched out bedroom #2's bed for Bedroom #3's bed and thought these would look lovely in the flower garden....too bad I didn't think of this earlier in this spring WHEN we had gorgeous flowers...with the heat and the drought....the poor flowers have given up till next year...but I do think the headboard and foot board will look lovely with vines and flowers growing up around them:)

Have a GREAT day!

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  1. Oh those beds look great in the garden don't they?
    I like to have beds around my yard too. I've got about 3, come to think of it!
    I'm in love with the turquoise typing table.
    It will make great night table...she could even fold one side down and use magnets to attach things to it!
    Take care, stay cool where you are...my flowers have faded here too!