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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ellie Belly Flower Soap

So I wanted to try a new technique and wasn't sure what colors to use...only needed to look at my five year old E to get some inspiration.

Using my basic recipe I added a swirl to the body of the soap with a natural color and a light purple.  Then put three other colors in condiment bottles to make the designs on the top.  It didn't turn out perfectly...but I like it:)

Freshly Poured

Then this morning it was time to cut it up!

Time to cut up!

I'm loving the swirls!

The spokesmodel for the soap!

She was quite excited to have soap with her name on it and her fav colors!

Again, I wish you could smell how wonderful it smells! Ready in two weeks!

Have a GREAT smelling day!

Positively Splendid

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Homeschool Enrichment Classes

If you homeschool you are probably a part of a local group where you have teachers come in and teach your children classes that you cannot or don't want to...and it gives our children a chance to visit with one another.  This year I allowed for a lot of classes for both of my kids....for my son entering 7th grade this year is going to be very busy on the academic side.  We are on our third day of our "trial" week.  I incorporated two subjects this year in different ways than I have ever done before.  I purchased the Rosetta Stone Spanish for homeschool for my T and he is in LOVE.  We have taken Latin, and French and I have tried other methods and while he was able to grasp some of it NOTHING has shown as much excitement as he has now.  I have also purchased the BJU online Science course...because quite frankly we were lacking in the Science department.  This teacher is amazing and he is enjoying it.  He starts at 8:30 am and today he wasn't done with these two subjects until 10:30....and we haven't even added all our other school yet...I have a feeling we will be moving school up an hour:) 

Yesterday he was excited to go to classes...he is taking Personal Finance, Speech, Choir and Elite Chess.  My E is taking Colors of the Rainbow, Numbers Numbers, Numbers and Gooey Science which she will start in four weeks.  These classes for my E are mainly just building on what we have already studied and give her some social time...she did make friends with a little doll named Naomi yesterday...at our church boys seem to be the only ones her age...so having a friend that is a girl is a very special treat.

My children are also involved in youth activities, Awana, Dance, Basketball, and Boy Scouts.  Enrichment classes give them the best of both worlds making very well rounded individuals.

Ellie doing handwriting

My T doing Rosetta Stone
Ready for Enrichment Classes

My T doing online Science...this seems to be our answer to prayer:)
Next week we have a new set of braces for T and our schedule will be in FULL swing!

Now, if I could only get my legs to feel better after my strength training we will be getting somewhere!  Have a GREAT day!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Block Party

Yesterday our church had its annual Block Party.  We do this once a year for our community.  It's free to anyone who would like to come and yesterday I think was our best one we have had so far.  It was very well attended.  I facepainted for two hours and then took my E around.  She had a blast doing lots of fun stuff!

She first got her face painted

She then got to ride a horse...she was asking ALL day when it was time!

I realize there is no syrup on this...she's allergic to corn...but she wanted one...so we tried it without syrup! She enjoyed it!

Ride the fire truck with Daddy

Her brother let her ride on this ride while Daddy and I were busy doing stuff like playing guitar and facepainting!

A pic with one of our favorite clowns!

Bouncy House...one of her favorites of the day! I think four times she went on this!

Then just to make me bawl....I found a pic of my E when she was three riding the horses for the first time....sniff...sniff....sniff...

I just about cried when I saw this...well...I did cry!

Time goes way to fast! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! May His name be praised!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Weekend Getaway

My hubby and I had a night and a morning all alone.  We own our own business and this was all the time we were able to snag.  People always say owning your own business must be FAB...well....we have NEVER taken a two week vacation...and time with family for the holidays...well until the holiday is OVER it doesn't exist.  However, it provides our income and our beautiful home and we are grateful!

We stayed at a local bed and breakfast!  So beautiful! I'm lucky to live in a town with GORGEOUS old houses and this mansion did NOT disapoint!

The inside of the mansion

Staircase is aMAZING!

Was at the top of the stairs
Our room!

It was LOVELY!
We went to Weston before the Bed and Breakfast....we LOVE Weston and we LOVE the Avalon! We have NEVER had anything BAD there EVER!

My hubby tried Elk! It wasn't his favorite but not bad by any means!

We had Flan for dessert and chocolate in the clouds....we never buy dessert....but for our anniversary...we do:)

Yes, it was as good as it looks!

Then we just visited some of the shops!

Such a pretty little town....I bought a candle that I must have...found out its made Locally here in St. Joe:)

Burns wonderfully...smells DIVINE!

Then we just walked around and looked at big ol houses here in St. Joseph...cause we're old...and we appreciate the craftsmanship of time gone by!

I mean...this picture doesn't even do it justice!

Just gorgeous! Ok so the greeters not so friendly looking!
Hope you have a GREAT weekend! Ours is jammed packed....I'm off to clean bathrooms:) Yep! I live a very glamorous LIFE!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Decorating For Fall

I am so ready for cooler weather...today it is cloudy and I'm so very thrilled!  My projects are almost completed the house is almost back to normal...all that is left is decorating the store this weekend!

We start up school next week...and I'm so excited...I am doing some new things this year and can't wait to see how they work out with my new 7th grader.  ahhh...fall:

My crow has been found...and I'm so happy!

Here are just a few peeks at what I've done in my home so far...

My poor dog was soo confused!

I love my crow...bought him around four years ago...everyone makes fun of me...I don't care!

Love having an old house where I have these lovely chandeliers that go all the way up to the ceiling!

We are celebrating our 9 year anniversary this weekend with a quick little getaway! I've already been spoiled:)

Have a GREAT weekend!  It's raining here....that makes us all here in the Midwest so VERY HAPPY!!!!!