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Sunday, August 5, 2012

10 Years

Today marks the day that my first husband died....I have told the story a hundred times.  I have told the before, during and after....I will only tell you that I not only suffered his death, but the questions he left behind...and his family....and the behavior that doesn't seem to ever go away.  This year my son wanted answers....I gave them....he wanted to watch videos, hear his voice...and I was prepared...then today...he said he didn't want to...he wasn't ready...so that was ok to.

Church was difficult....ten years ago Ron sang" I can Only Imagine" The song was brand new...many of us hadn't even heard it yet....but if you knew Ron you knew he would pick a song that ten years later still makes us cry and is still played on the radio almost every day.  Anyway, the song was sung by a very talented husband of one of my friends...and I bawled...seriously....bawled.

So, I came home and tried to forget...but I can't.....here are some pictures that I found that I haven't looked at in a hundred years....I am in awe of how Trey looks like him...and how he looks like my husband now....isn't God good in how he thinks of the "little things"....I miss Ron, I know he's waiting for us in heaven....and I wish he was here...but God knows best...and I just can't question any longer.

Dating at college...and YES that's how we dressed!

Newly engaged!

Trey one month old

Seems like a million years ago....seems like it didn't really happen...that it was a dream...but it wasn't and we created this.....

Love my little boy SOOO much!
May His name be praised!


  1. Marcella FranseenAugust 5, 2012 at 5:58 PM

    I remember Ron from school. I'm sorry he is gone, but thankful you know where he is and have seen God's blessing and provision over the years. Trey is a very handsome boy!

  2. Praying for both of you Jamie!