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Saturday, August 4, 2012

5K Run

I haven't ran a 5K since last October when I injured myself in a very "weird" situation.  I did not fall, and did not twist...my leg just plain gave out...and I had a hairline fracture in my femur.  My doctor was stunned, confused....and we are just now beginning to figure out what happened....its very possible that I have one leg shorter than the other....I won't dive into that whole "circus" feeling that its giving me right now...just to say...that could answer some questions!

Last night was a million degrees out...and so humid you could cut it with a knife.  However, I finished...and no emergency room this time.  I ran alone....some of my friends were behind me and many were in front of me...but I finished and I'm very happy.

My time was not great but since I just started running again I was fine with that.  I finished 16 in my age division out of 25 in my age group.  I was 233 out of 441 runners...again, certainly not a RECORD but I did walk a couple of times during the event...my goal was to finish and to finish strong.  My goal was to push myself and my knee held...and I was soo happy!

Before the run!
After the run! I've never been able to take an after before!

My son placed 4th in his age group with a great PR for himself.  I just was happy to finish and run in front of all of those people without throwing up! I plan on now training for a 10K in November and might run a 5K in October! However, happy to be running again and thankful that my legs are able to carry me:)

May His name be praised!

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