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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cranberry Fig Embedded

I like the idea of how this soap turned out...but I def should have changed the colors to blue, green and pink...but I was trying to be oh sooo chic....but I already did another soap similar to this....so I'm a little annoyed at myself right now...kind of like I was when I found my Kohl's cash yesterday.....it was supposed to be spent by SATURDAY!GRRRR! Does that tick anyone off as much as me! WHAT A WASTE!  So, back to the soap.

Used the basic recipe and changed up the colors...took some of my other cranberry fig and embedded it in the soap....so....we...learn....as...we go eh??? I will keep working at it...still kinda cool but not QUITE as cool as I know it can be....double GRRRRR!

Here I just did the normal funnel pour the other half of the soap has the embedding

This soap will be available in four weeks! Have a GREAT smelling day!

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