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Monday, August 13, 2012

Glasses and Apple Picking and Apple Crisp

Hope you had a glorious weekend! The weather here is finally on the bearable side and everywhere you go everyone is enjoying it.  My husband and I run at night and lately we have been able to go earlier in the evening thanks to the cooler temps.

Saturday my E and I had a day together.  My T was at a youth function and Daddy was at work.  So, we went apple picking!

We picked and in ten minutes we had two huge bags full!

She loved it! Last year we were too late...this year was wonderful!
She's getting soo big!
Then we went to the eye doctor.  This is the part that every home school Mom sits there and prays.  When my T went to school and he was confused on something I blamed his teacher...now that....is me....GULP! So, I sat there in stunned disbelief as she missed half the letters! I felt like I was a failure! THEN the eye doctor looked at me and said that her eyes are worse than last year...that she is horribly far sighted...So, she put in the lenses that she thought Ellie needed and then let my E read...and she knew them all! OH GREAT SIGH OF RELIEF!

So, now I feel that we can learn to read this year since the poor thing will be able to see! I had a feeling there was something amiss but had no idea that it was so bad...so we tried on some glasses and this is what she picked...you can't tell from the picture that they are pink...but they are....she looks so darn cute!

So cute!
Then when we got home I had to do something with all these apples! We had family in town so I made my roasted chicken with mashed potatoes followed by my apple crisp.  I wish I had a picture of my brother n law scraping the last bit from the pan....I will indeed bring him another as I have lots of apples to make apple crisp and apple butter. 

Here is the recipe for my apple crisp.  Given to me nine years ago by a dear friend and its the BEST EVER!

6-8 apples, peeled and sliced
1 cup sugar
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup flour
1 cup quick oats
cinnamon 1 cup butter, melted

Place apples in 9x13 baking dish.  Mix sugars, flour and oats.  Pour over apples.  Then top with cinnamon.  Bake at 350 for about 35-40 minutes till golden brown and bubbling! Enjoy!

Have a GREAT day! we have a lot going on this week but normal schedule is heading to us soon!

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  1. I so know that feeling sitting at the Dr. office wondering how the visit will go...AFTER THEY'VE READ THAT YOU HOME SCHOOL. I always felt that the Dr. office and the DMV were biased.
    But, I tell you a quick story. My youngest son was a 'better late than never' reader. Well, over the age of 9 when he finally 'got it.' So by the time he was 13 and on target...he had developed a little bit of insecurity, which he dealt with by using HUMOR.
    So off we went to the Dr. office for a visit and the nurse told him to read the eye chart. He asked "Which line, the bottom one?"
    She said: "Sure! if you can read the bottom line, please do so."
    He covered one eye and proceeded. In a very dry voice....
    " Copyright 1979 Houghton and Mifflen Publishers, New York, New York."

    Oh! how that nurse laughed and laughed.
    He passed the test. But was giddy as all get out, that everyone in the office thought he was so cute! ...Boys!

    Your apple crisp looks wonderful. I was thinking of finding and apple orchard around here and going and picking if they come on soon around here.
    I'm waiting on pears from our neighbors tree. She lets us have all we can get.

    ...have a great week,Pat