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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The End of Summer

I am back from a quick trip to KC but I packed it with just about everything I could pack it with.  First I took my son, Dad and nephew to a Royals game...we had fun!

Dad loves baseball...is already making plans for next year when we go...and it was T-Shirt Tuesday what could be better??

The next day we got up and did some shopping and went by his Dad's grave.

We cleaned it up and put some fresh flowers around the grave....and I will never get used to seeing the following....

Interesting fact....my late husband's favorite color was purple...my husband now that is his favorite color...just an interesting fact.

Then after shopping I went back to my parents house where my E got to ride the tractor!

Then it was off to dinner with two of my friends that I have known from early childhood....only two could make it...but it was sooo good to be around FRIENDS! I have missed them so!

Friendships that stand the test of time!

Have a GREAT day! My husband is traveling this evening with his oldest daughter off to college! So, I have one more room to get into order before I start school...my kids...have two...more...weeks! My T is quite excited! However, he doesn't get sick days or snow days and we finish EVERY SINGLE book! So, I guess it all comes out:)

May His name be praised!

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  1. Sounds like you had an enjoyable time!
    I like baseball...I didn't know you did too...WELL, assuming you like it, since you went to a game. I'm a Rangers fan...I like to watch them play on TV. Budget restraints--so no games at the Ball Park. But, one day...! Go Rangers!

    Your pictures with your dad and son are sweet, as are the ones of your little one with your Mom.
    Going Home can be nice!
    Your late husband was so young. Glad that you take time for these things with your son.
    Have a blessed day-- and hope your Home schooling gets off to a good start! Believe it or not...there are times I miss those days!

    many blessings to you, Pat