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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Weekend Getaway

My hubby and I had a night and a morning all alone.  We own our own business and this was all the time we were able to snag.  People always say owning your own business must be FAB...well....we have NEVER taken a two week vacation...and time with family for the holidays...well until the holiday is OVER it doesn't exist.  However, it provides our income and our beautiful home and we are grateful!

We stayed at a local bed and breakfast!  So beautiful! I'm lucky to live in a town with GORGEOUS old houses and this mansion did NOT disapoint!

The inside of the mansion

Staircase is aMAZING!

Was at the top of the stairs
Our room!

It was LOVELY!
We went to Weston before the Bed and Breakfast....we LOVE Weston and we LOVE the Avalon! We have NEVER had anything BAD there EVER!

My hubby tried Elk! It wasn't his favorite but not bad by any means!

We had Flan for dessert and chocolate in the clouds....we never buy dessert....but for our anniversary...we do:)

Yes, it was as good as it looks!

Then we just visited some of the shops!

Such a pretty little town....I bought a candle that I must have...found out its made Locally here in St. Joe:)

Burns wonderfully...smells DIVINE!

Then we just walked around and looked at big ol houses here in St. Joseph...cause we're old...and we appreciate the craftsmanship of time gone by!

I mean...this picture doesn't even do it justice!

Just gorgeous! Ok so the greeters not so friendly looking!
Hope you have a GREAT weekend! Ours is jammed packed....I'm off to clean bathrooms:) Yep! I live a very glamorous LIFE!

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful and romantic time together~ and Happy Anniversary!
    Funny how we notice things in photos...I'm very interested in the Mitsubishi A/C that you had in your room.
    We have window a/c here in our Texas home...and I'd love to have the Mitsu.A/C set up...for room by room cooling rather than a whole house unit.

    The other thing...is hmmm...maybe Elk isn't for everybody. I just had my first Elk Burger a few weeks ago! I loved it!
    --'til next time, Pat