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Sunday, September 30, 2012

5K Run

Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL perfect morning! I ran a 5K at 8am.  My son joined me as well, but since he runs quite a bit faster than me I saw a glimpse of his green shirt and then not again until he was on the return track to FINISH! I was blessed with my leg holding strong, a friend to push me and a gorgeous day!

My poor T, for some reason when I was registering us for all our races this fall...I happened to put him down as a female:( THEN several of us racers parked unknowingly in a car auction so during the award ceremony I had all these people checking out my van:) Long story short I had to move my van and in the process almost missed the awards completely! I heard Trey's name but didn't realize that it was in the female division.  He went up to get his time and then found out that he was put with the girls:( The event organizer told him he could keep his First Place ribbon but he didn't want the girl that deserved it to NOT have it and he wanted his TRUE reward....so he took his second place ribbon and I was very proud of him.  Second place is very good but once you think you got first...its hard to swallow.....and by the way he's placed in four races of the seven he has run.  The other two he came in 4th.  He came in first at one race but can't seem to get out of second.  Still he had a good run.  25:14 is very good...especially with NO training but two runs in one month!

I had my BEST PR so far and am hoping to take four minutes off that time for my next5K in November.  This next 5K is the ONE that beat me up last year and I haven't ran that stretch again since my injury.  I'm hoping to overcome that fear and get that behind me in November!

BEFORE the run....yes, I made him fix that!

BEFORE the run!
AFter the run!!!!

Yes, he's that much taller than me and he's only 12!
He likes his first place better but not when he only beat the girls:)

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