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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Today was braces day! My baby boy got braces...my oldest...is so tall....growing so fast! I knew that he didn't want me taking pictures...but I did it anyway...cause I'm Mom...and I can:)

x-rays and impressions of his mouth I didn't get to see...really wanted to see the impression since when I was growing up it was the most disgusting part of the ritual...but I'm not complaining...they let me in finally:)

Here I got to watch the whole process...quite interesting from the "cave" days that my friends and I had to endure...anybody give a shout out for spacers, and metal that goes around each individual back tooth?? No, you've never heard of these things....well your NOT alone! Apparently technology is our friend...and they've come a LONG way!

First up...I was there to watch the placing of the FIRST bracket!

Then, the orthodontist comes and checks on progress and lays the rest!

Then the fun begins! We get to pick colors!!!!

Here's a picture of just BRACKETS!

Yep! that's the face I get:)

Then after choosing black and blue for bands here is the finished product!  Top braces complete!

I had to put the phone up way higher since he is so much taller than me!

So, there ya go! Our adventure for the morning...now to finish school and get some cleaning done!

Have a GREAT day!

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