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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Days Like These

It seems at times my children plan together on who is going to drive their Mother insane....but fear not...I have managed to keep the troops in line...even though there has been a LOT of chocolate eating going on sister!

I started the week off with a trial run for a few new classes that my son is taking and then at the last minute decided to add another one.  He will now have to be starting school at 7:30 in order to be able to be done by 3.  I have really put a big work load on him this year...but he is really taking the word load like a champ.  I have also taken away all video games and movies during the week.  I also only allow one time check of football fantasy during the day and that MUST be after all schoolwork is done.  I also take away the cellphone and all electronic devices.  I run a VERY tight ship.  I personally think its a huge mistake that public schools allow kids to text all day and be on their phones.  I'm only going by my stepdaughters school and what they allow her to do...and that is what they allow....it really irritates me...but that's me personally!

So, my son...got up early got his school done...and here is the miracle part...are you ready....????? Organized his closet, his dresser, AND made his bed like I like it!!! YEP! he had a GREAT week!

My daughter...on the other hand....oh well....lets see....started the week off well...then left her glasses on the bathroom floor...and they

oh yeah they are broken!

Thankfully they are under warranty! Fixed in a jiffy!

A nice little walk together, looking for bugs for a science experiment

my E walking on the wall!
and her last but not least little feat

This just happens to be a library tape...which now I have to purchase:(
So, its been one of those weeks....hoping for a better one this week!

Have a GREAT weekend!

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