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Friday, September 14, 2012

Keeping our Head up!

For the past two weeks I have had NOTHING but interruptions! Doctor, orthodontist appointments and JUST when I think I'm getting ahead...another child needs something.  The other day I got home for no longer than an hour than it was back in the car again with a different child to take them somewhere else!  I have one brand new in braces, one that needed a re-do of her hearing test, and the other one that needed bloodwork done because they think she has mono.  My house is in utter ruin and here I sit...typing....and all I want to do is plunge my house in Clorox bleach! 

The ongoing trials with my E....she failed her hearing test at the pediatrician the other day but at the visit with the ENT she passed...however, they now are worried (again) about her tonsils...she has one bigger than the other...which may be why she has asthma....which may be...which may be...which may be!  All I can tell you is I want my child to be able to hear, be able to speak clearly, be able to READ just like everyone else! I feel inadequate just about every day...and THEN just when I feel I'm losing it and not able to teach her...she comes shining through!  Why is it so important that she is "normal" what does it matter if she reads later than others? Does this mean that she won't succeed in life because she read at 6 or 7 instead of five??? Do we as home school Mom's set the bar so high that we take it personally when the child doesn't achieve what we THINK they were supposed to achieve? Five is tricky...should we hold our kids back a year...are they ready? I know that I'm doing curriculum right now for kindergarten AND preschool.  I'm having LONG conversations with her dance teacher...trying to decide if I should hold her back one year...she knows what to do dance wise but is not able to hold the concentration for the 75 min class period.  Am I expecting to much, to little?????

So, this week...I'm praying, breathing, playing, reading...relaxing...taking one breath in...one breath out....because its not really WORTH getting all upset about.  God made her and knows what is best for her and as long as I'm praying and listening to what He's guiding me to do.....it will all work out! May His name be praised!

at the ENT office...she looked so little on the BIG chair!
Our favorite place for shakes! Her glasses crack me up!
We shall keep on...keeping on!

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