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Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Party Menu!

I'm so scattered brained lately....to much going on! I'm just now eating my first meal of the day and its 2pm and I'm writing this while eating:)

This is our seventh year for our annual Fall party and I finally have decided on a MENU!

Will share pics and everything this week as we begin!

This year I'm going to TRY and do everything HOMEMADE! I'm going simple and I'm excited:) For Christmas to this year....think greenery, burlap and homemade ornaments:) Going and getting a real tree...yep! K, back to Fall Party!

Def going to have the following soups:

1. Buffalo Chicken soup which we tried last week:)

2.  Chili-because that's always a favorite!

3.  Chipotle Chicken Chili-cause...I LIKE IT:)

Homemade BREAD:)


1.  Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

2.  Mini Apple Pies:) with fall cutouts:)

3.  Apple Crisp:)

I of course will have candy for the kiddos and sack races, and apple dunk:)  We will also have craft time which I unfortunately have NOT decided on as of yet:(

Every family will bring home a jar of my apple butter:)

I  really hope that everyone dresses up this year....this year I'm getting into the spirit a bit more than I have in the past....Stay tuned:)

Oh, and for drinks! My sweet tea, hot apple cider and lemonade...because some people like it:)

Does it sound to simple..??? I always worry!!!!!!

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