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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall Party on a Budget

This was our 7th year for our Fall Party and this year I did things a LOT differently!  First of all I stuck to a very strict budget.  Lets start with the food!

Everything that we had to eat I made:)

Broc Cheese Soup

Buffalo Chicken Soup--had a bit of a bite to it!

Apple Crisp as well and the buffet was so awesome to have:)

Monster Cookies:) Always a favorite!

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins and Mini Apple Pies...the only thing I didn't make was the crust for the pies.

Banana Bread

For drinks we had tea, apple cider and water.  All the decorations I already had due to the fact that this is our seventh year having the party.

Next up costumes!

This year I wanted to be as creative as possible.  My costume total was $12.  I bought pants and shirt at Goodwill.  Raffia at Hobby Lobby along with material for patches and the stuffing.  Makeup I already had and hat I already had.  Shoes are old garden shoes and my hubby had the gloves.  It was a blast to do and I was very warm all night! Bandana also from Hobby Lobby.  I used duck tape to attach raffia to costume!

My hubby was AVERAGE man??? I have no idea but it was funny and our beloved Charlie was Super Dog:)

Ellie was a Pony and Trey was Batman....these were the only costumes I bought.

Elisha and Sarah were interesting:)

For games we had Apple Dunk and Sack Race!

AGain, the sacks I already had:)

I love Ellie's face in this one!

Charlie enjoyed running with Ellie to!

 We also had Craft Time which I bought the supplies in the dollar section at JoAnnes which they had on sale:)

I'm not comfortable putting pics up of other peoples children on my blog so I will just show you some of the adults:)

Winners of our Most Creative and Funniest Costume:)
They work with our youth at church:)

That's it! A really fun party...I'm a bit tired now though gotta say:)

Positively Splendid


  1. Ha! ha ha ha... I LOVE THE COSTUMES...and 'AVERAGE-MAN'... hilarious. Is that hospital socks around his eyes? It looks like it. But couldn't tell. I love the pose for the photo.
    You were busy getting things ready. The food all looked good. Did other's bring? or did you do all that yourself?
    ...Kudos to you for the whole party, decorations, costumes, etc. And getting this post out so quickly! I was surprised to see it in my 'in box'...
    looked like fun. (i hate dunking for apples) Pat

  2. Super cute-especially love your costume!