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Monday, October 29, 2012

House for Sale and a Soapy Weekend

The weeks have gotten crazier and this week is no exception! Trey starts bball with the homeschooling group this week and our week is jammed packed! Our church is having Trunk or Treat on Wednesday and for the first time in a long time I'm participating! Will have pics on that later in the week!  The biggest thing for me that is happening this week is my race this weekend.  A year ago this race took me out of the game for six months! I didn't realize it but I was running on a leg that had a hairline fracture! This year...I'm determined to overcome that fear and race well:)

This past weekend I was able to catch up on some things since my friend and I were supposed to go to a craft fair but it was soo cold we knew we would freeze to death so we didn't go! I got to make two soaps that I have been trying to find time to make!

The first one up is my Blue Man Soap...this soap has already sold six bars before I even have them for sale! I'm thinking I might need to make more!

 This soap has jojoba oil in it and jojoba beads, the fragrance is wonderful.  Its the only masculine soap I make and has become quite the popular soap.  It is the only soap I do strictly for men.
Lavender soap which continues to be a popular soap especially those with sensitive skin.  This was the first soap I ever made and remains a favorite.  I changed it up a bit this time with plain soap and less lavender flowers.  We will wait for feedback!
Our house is up for sale....we will see what happens! I thought it a silly time to list but our agent said for whatever reason she has had several people call and list their homes as well! Hopefully by early spring we will be calling a new place home....I will miss my house though....I've worked very hard on it!

Have a GREAT day!

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  1. Love the name of the Blue Man Soap! I bet is smells divine!
    Hope all your soap sells. I still haven't made any...I hope to try some soon.
    Best Wishes selling your house! It will be a first for me in years...I'm not participating, but will be attending a local Trunk or Treat with the grandkids and their parents (my kids); there will also be an awesome black light puppet show that a very good friend of mine orchestrates with youth from her church. I'm looking forward to it.