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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Home school Classes

Last night my dear children were upset that it would be the last time they see some of their friends for awhile from our enrichment classes.  We don't go to church with very many of them but some of them are in Trey's Scouts.  Still, my E was most distraught that her dear friend Naomi she would "neber eber see again." 

As always I'm so impressed with all that the children have been taught.  Such a blessing to have people that can help our children learn things that would be hard for me to teach.  My E had a blast learning Rainbows (which was an extension of art class) she LOVES art! She also enjoyed Number, Numbers which just helped along with what I'm teaching her and LAST but not least....her absolute FAV class which was OOEY GOOEY Science.  I have to say that this is NOT my cup of tea and was glad to have people to help me with that.  Here are just a few snapshots of some of her time in Science class.

and just one of her projects from Rainbows, Rainbows..

and last night during the program for Numbers, Numbers E was supposed to say :"uno, dos, tres" to which she replies "I don't want to!" To which my friends behind me and beside me just died laughing...as I slumped down into my chair....you just NEVER know with Ellie!

Before the program they were a bit nervous!

It was my T's first time singing with the highschool choir and this semester he enjoyed:Personal Finance, Speech, Chess and Choir.

My kiddos are sad to see classes go but this Mom has missed her Tuesdays....let the crazy of the holidays officially begin:)

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