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Friday, November 2, 2012

The GREAT Fear!

Tomorrow I run my fourth 5K.  I have ran the last two with no injury...but that first 5K that I ran over a year ago is the one that haunts me....I run that very race tomorrow...and I haven't ran it since that day last year.

I used to run for fun in college...absolutely no training whatsoever, just a way to keep the college flab from coming on.  In case your wondering I was very thin....like a size 2 and I ate like crazy...I basically ran for a stress reliever.  I then kept wanting to continue running...but I got married, had a job, got prego, then went back to work, had a baby, hubby died...as you can see running just wasn't in the cards....SOO...last year our church started a Bible Study.."Run for God."  It had a very slow plan for running again...and I followed it to the LETTER!

For whatever reason that day when I was running I felt something pull....that was mile 1.....it hurt like crazy...but I was like...this is mile 1 and I have trained LIKE CRAZY and I'm not giving up after mile 1...so I kept going...and going...and I finished that race...and long story short...I had a hairline fracture across my femur...and they (meaning my orthopedic surgeon) have absolutely NO idea how or why it happend....but assures me that it is "very unlikely" that it will happen again...but my brain...I can't seem to focus past it...so tomorrow...I run it...and I am praying for no injuries....and I'm hoping to put in the past and keep it there.

It's very hard for me to watch those who started out at the same time as me and they are all running 10K's tomorrow and I'm running the 5K still but in running that is what is so great about it really....you are only competing against yourself...there are a lot of stories out on the race field so to speak.  Lots of things to think about as you run.  Some run with no music, some run with scripture...some pray when they run...I do all of those things...but lately...and this will make you totally laugh.  On one of my runs the other day the song "Silent Night" came on my playlist.  Not exactly running music and it was a country version and i have no idea of who sings it...but the beat is PERFECT for running...so if you see me running tomorrow and singing SILENT NIGHT, you know I'm in the zone...the song makes me smile and combined with running what could be BETTER!

So if tomorrow you think about it...a little prayer would be great...for this 38 year old runner to finally let a fear go...and lay it down...and keep it there:)

Have a GREAT weekend!

This is a pic of my son running one of the seven 5K's he's been in lately...he's in the blue:)

Hebrews 12:1 And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.

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