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Monday, November 12, 2012

Training for Half Marathon

Here we go! Training for a half.  I have one coming up in April and I have to say that this goal is amazing to me.  I can't fathom being able to run that far for that long...but I'm gonna try!

I have started some serious strength training.  I go to our church once a week with a lady that does strength training and she seriously whips my rear every week.  I knew however that once a week was NOT going to cut it.  So, I went and bought the exercise tape www.jillianmichaelsrippedin30.com  I have done this workout every day but one rest day.  My stepdaughter did it with me one night and she could not finish the tape...which means it seriously works! I also am doing some extra work with bands to increase the strength in my shoulders, and that combined with yoga seems to be working:)

I do see a massage therapist who works on my troubled leg and for those of you thinking its a "ahhh" feeling its not....its a deep tissue massage and it KILLS while she's working on it but after....I get the "ahhh".

This first week of running will be ok...nothing to scary...gonna try and get my mileage to four miles.  I run one last 5K on Thanksgiving day with my son.  Hopefully it will NOT be freezing!

So, wish me luck on my new quest! Have a GREAT day!

Keeping my eyes on the prize of FINISH!!!!!!

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