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Monday, November 19, 2012

Turning 13

My boy is getting ready to turn 13 this coming Friday and I just can't believe it.  He has grown so tall and so quickly and I'm so very sad these days at how quickly my children are growing.

This year I wanted him to have a very special birthday cake because he worked really hard at the last race so I wanted to focus mainly on the cake....since really....I just don't want to talk about how my baby is turning to the teenage years and that the new year will find me 39 or that my baby girl will be six....or...or...life is going WAY TO FAST!!!!

So, here are a few snapshots of the party.  All Trey and his friends wanted to do was eat and play video games and eat and watch movies...and eat...so....that's just what they did.

The 23.50 is for his best time so far in a 5K.  So Happy EARLY Birthday my dear Trey:)


  1. Your boy is so handsome. They grow so big so fast, I have 5 boys of my own. God Bless him always. Happy birthday handsome Trey!!!
    Many hugs
    Lisa Rose

  2. Oh wow! 13...I remember that...not for me, but when my kids turned 13. It was like an alien took over their bodies! (not to frighten you mom; but it is going to be a fun ride now!)
    Love the cake-- did you make this yourself?

    Happy Birthday to the Young Man!

  3. Thank you for your lovely comments girls! No Pat, I did NOT make that cake. My dear friend made it for me and I just ADORE it!