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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Guilt

This week was supposed to be a blast....but life happened.  We were supposed to catch up on school and let my T have two extra days off where it would be spent enjoying and relaxing while helping his mother catch up on things....but the computer had issues for two days. The dishwasher had issues for three days.  Thursday was to be the big annual HS Christmas party at the ice skating rink....where my E could enjoy ice skating...it is her FAVORITE thing....but we had blizzard like conditions and about seven inches of snow.  Yesterday she was supposed to go see the lights...but she had a horrible cold after I picked her up from dance camp...and there was supposed to be craft class after dance camp...but the snow....the lady in charge couldn't get there...and basically this week could be deemed "fail" to use my 13 year old T's lingo.

However, yesterday I got four hours with my 13 year old where he talked constantly...it was nice.  I got to watch my E dance....and it was nice to watch my kids play in the snow. 

When I go out in public with my E I notice that people smile a little bigger when they see her.  At church I saw grown men with tears in their eyes as they saw all the little children....so I remembered what's important....no, she didn't want to sit on Santas lap we haven't went to see the lights yet, and she didn't get to go ice skating...but we did get glorious snow...and we do have each other...and she's pretty happy...so if you don't get everything done for Christmas, if your house doesn't look like a magazine cover, if you haven't done fifteen million things off Pinterest for Christmas...don't fret...breathe in and out...and then just sit...sit and enjoy the wonder around you.  Sit and take in the real meaning of Christmas, sit and remember the peace and the HOPE that Christmas has given us...and relax...its gonna be ok!


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