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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Tree Adventure

Every year I normally take about a week to decorate our house.  I have two trees downstairs and one tree upstairs with little trees in each child's bedroom.  This year with all I had getting ready to go on I just decided to do one big tree and the littles could have their trees in their room...and you know what...I'm rather fond of it...I'm less stressed and I have more time for doing crafts with my E.  I didn't put up the huge village in my kitchen this year...there really isn't anything in there that is Christmas at all! I did however, finally say yes to cutting down a real tree!

Last week before my husband's oldest went back to college we went to the woods (a tree farm) and cut down a tree.  I wanted E to sit on Santa's lap but she would have NONE of it!  Here are some pics of our day!

Beautiful sunset

Our tree was huge! Quite the adventure getting it home and its officially bolted to the wall!

At least its finally STRAIGHT! I have more decorating to do! Charlie isn't sure he likes his new sweater but with this bizarre weather we are having not sure he will NEED it! Hoping for snow and cold and lots of rain this winter!

Now to put on a party for our employees tonight and keep nursing my baby who had her tonsils out on Thursday!

Have a VERY MERRY Christmas!

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