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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Ok I confess, I always seem to have a new recipe for playdoh that I have found that is my new favorite...but really....this really is my new favorite.  The other recipe make HUGE batches of playdoh and I do love it...but I was tired of my hands getting food coloring on them because I had to add it to the doh AFTER it was made....enter my NEW FAVORITE recipe!

I found it on Pintrest...it seems that lately that is where everyone finds everything!

So, here goes!

1 cup flour
1 cup water
2 tsp cream of tartar
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
food coloring (4 drops we used more for the purple)

Ellie enjoyed mixing these together in the pan.  When she was done mixing well I had her get down and I turned the oven on medium and mixed and mixed until the playdoh started forming....it starts sticking to the sides...stir CONSTANTLY!

Then....we let it cool! THEN it was time to play!

It made the most GLORIOUS colors!

Side note...my E has really enjoyed making pot holders...her Daddy taught her how to do it:)

So cute to watch her little hands move!

Have a GREAT day!


  1. I think this recipe is very similar to the one I used to make with the kids when they were younger.
    I love making playdoh and have made it at Sunday school and vbs too!

    got your package today! You were most generous.
    I think I may host a give away and share the soap with readers and feature your shop on my blog...let me know what you think!

    The lip balm is wonderful. I like that...and am already using it. Our wood burning stove dries my skin and lips out,bad!

    If you have any thoughts on the idea...just email me and let me know!
    Talk to you later...Pat

  2. So glad you like it! Yes I would LOVE that! My Etsy store does not have a lot in stock right now...which is a good thing I guess but would LOVE it!