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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The BEST Shower Cleaner EVER!

I have no pics...first off let me just say that.  I HATE NOT having pics but I don't! My daughter had her tonsils out a week ago and last night was the first night she has slept ALL through the NIGHT! However, while she was sleeping during the day I did get some deep cleaning done.  The first one was to conquer soap scum.

I found the idea on Pinterest...so its not my idea! However, I do LOVE it!

Take a 1/2 cup of vinegar and warm in microwave...(I did for 40 seconds) put in an empty bottle.  Then take 1/2 cup of Blue Dawn and put in warm vinegar and shake! Take to your nasty soap scum bathtub or shower and spray.  Leave either overnight or for two hours...depending on how scummy you are! THEN take a scrubbie or sponge AND wipe off! It's a beautiful thing I PROMISE!

Also, I have been cleaning my wood floors with a vinegar/water solution and scented with essential oil! My floors look FAB! I got the mop at Target where you can fill attached container with your favorite cleaning solution and the mop pad is re-washable! Have a GREAT cleaning day:)

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  1. I've heard others say to clean the wood floor with vinegar and water...I finally did that a few weeks back when I rearranged my living room to accomodate the wood burning stove...I loved the look of my floors when I was finished!

    I'll have to try the soap scum solution...I have some of that too! I bet I could make some of that and put it in the tub and soak my clear shower curtain liner and make it sparkly and new again too!
    I'll definitely give it a try!

    PS: I Did NOT get your package in the mail today... I'm going to town in the morning and will drop it off then.