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Friday, January 25, 2013

Miss Dot on the shelf

I'm at that place in life where it is so easy to get caught up in a million things.  The other day I started a list of all the things that I do...not a prideful thing...just wasn't figuring out why I wasn't getting all the things done that I needed done...

Being the WISE woman that I am (cough cough) I knew some things had to GO! Right now I'm in the season of life where there are a couple of things that MUST be done RIGHT now!

First and foremost comes my family...I have a middle school child and a kindergartener.  My kindergartener has issues with reading and speech which require more time than they did with my middle school child....he was reading at 5 with no problems at all.  I didn't even have to spend extra time going over words with him...he just got it.  Ellie was not so lucky...she mixes up her numbers, has difficulty with reading...but lately...lately I can tell you I can see the LIGHT...each day we are getting closer! The second thing is our store...our livlihood...I have to be involved, go on trips, decorate it, keep the employees happy with extra bonuses and customers the same...even though I'm not that everyday I still get all supplies and keep it looking lovely...right now its so stinking VALENTINEY I can harldy stand it...and yes that's a new word! The third thing is keeping up with our home...there's a reason we are trying to sell it...its to big and to much and I need some changes in that area...and last but not least...AHA HERE is the PROBLEM....myself:) I want to run a half marathon in three months and that is going to take some devotion....letting the house be dusty an extra hour while I run...so....after that it leaves me with time to help with Upward Cheerleading, and helping out with sunday school class...but ALAS....poor Miss Dot....me thinks she is going to have to set out for awhile....

I have had so many offers from churches, special groups etc for this ministry but alas I just can't seem to fit it in....I will still help once or twice a year at our church but these moments of Ellie are fleeing...my T has muscles and arms developing and he's becoming more manly by the day....so for now...Miss Dot is on the shelf...makes me sad...I like the big red nose....the pink hair....the fun bright clothes....but not to worry...she will return....and it will be GREAT:)

About seven years of clowning you see :) There are lots more pics I'm sure but I hated to bore you...after looking at these...it makes me wanna clown some more....maybe I can be convinced a few more times??? :)

Have a GREAT day!

Note: Since the writing of this piece I have had two offers for clowning ministries....SIGH!

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