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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Journey into Couponing!

First of all my adventure began at CVS! I stayed up way late going through all my coupons..and there is NOT one thing that I didn't buy that I didn't have a coupon for! First of all here were the savings!

1.  Bounty and Charmin were on sale for 5.77 plus I had an additional coupon. 
2. Duracell batteries were on sale for 5.49 plus I had additional coupon
3,  Dawn dish detergent on sale for .99 cents plus I had a coupon making the savings even better!
4. Tide was on sale (I know I make my own but when I see it super cheap I take advantage!) it was like 4.44
5. Tide Pods was also on sale with a deal of the day coupon which I got it even lower for $3.44:)
6. Pantene shampoo and conditioner on sale plus I had a $3.00 coupon:)
7. Cover girl buy one get one 50 percent off plus my additional coupon:)
8.DayQuil on sale for $6.49 plus additional coupon of $2
9. Olay Body Wash 2/$12 plus add coupon
10, Always pads and tampons $3.99 with card plus coupon
11. Gillette Body Wash 2/$7 plus coupon
12. Plus I earned $10 in extrabucks rewards:) for P &G products I bought:)
13. Listerine $5.99 with card and had $2 coupon
14. aveeno lotion and facial cleanser $4.99 with card and additional coupons for all products listed:)
15. Triaminic on sale for $4.99 plus I had coupon for $2
 So my additional coupons were for $25.94 and I received $20.50 in extra bucks for next visit:)

Target I scored the following
1. yoga mat on sale for $12.99 with add coupon for $3 off
2. Razor deals with a $5 coupon off of $9.49 for two ending in a $5 gift card from Target:)

Yes, I have lots to learn....but I'm enjoying the process so far:)

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