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Friday, January 11, 2013

My week in coupons

So, I have had a few people asking me questions about coupons this week...may I first say that I am NO expert....it takes some time when couponing...you will make mistakes...you will feel like quitting...but keep on.....the high of saving money is coming:)

First off two coupon sites that I use on a regular basis....krazycouponmom.com where I downloaded her pages for my coupon notebook.  You MUST have a coupon notebook divided into categories...to keep you from going insane and you must buy baseball card fillers to put the coupons in.  This helps so much when going through your ads.

Second website that I use is moneysavingmom.com  I go here to print out the majority of my coupons.  The best way to save on a purchase is to be aware of the fact that you can STACK your coupons! For instance, when at Target I can use my Target coupon and a manufacturer coupon for the SAME item.  When there is a buy one get one free I can STILL use two coupons!!! ITS a WONDERFUL THING!

So, this past Sunday I got the newspaper and went straight to my CVS and Target adds.  Right now I stick with two stores and now I'm getting ready to tackle Walgreens as well.  Start off slow and get the hang of how things work before getting overwhelmed!  I then print off my coupons and organize them after going through the adds making the checklist of what is on sale and how many I can get them for. I no longer shop for what I need I shop for what is on sale...I then try to get enough that will last us the six months BEFORE it goes on sale again because that is the cycle the stores go on.  Right now vitamins, shampoo, razors, deoderant, and body washes can be bought for extremely REASONABLE prices.  Toilet paper, paper towels also have great deals as well as detergent...I make my own but when I see it for an amazing price I take advantage of it.  So, in the beginning it will be hard to change the way you shop...but stay patient...that stockpile will grow and you will then be able to move on to the next things you can stock up on.  The savings will begin the more you do it...I promise, it really will!

My first trip was on Monday and it was to Target...I did not take a pic of all that I got because frankly it was A LOT! I will tell you that I had around $70 in coupons and got back $20 in gift cards from Target by buying certain product.  My cart had in it detergent, shampoos, body washes, vitamins, razors, trash bags and deoderant among, hand washes and other things.  There was NOTHING in my cart without a coupon (except for milk!)

My second trip was to CVS and I had my E with me which I do not suggest...you need to think, to calculate to be able to THINK and I had a five year old saying "THIS IS BORING IS IT TIME TO GO!!!???"

 This picture shows you my purchases to CVS where I saved $92.70 and got back $11 in rewards cash.  The vitamins shown were buy one get one half off or buy one get one free.  The makeup was buy one get one half off.  I also had coupons where I could stack them for more savings.  The Ricolas were free because the deal of the day was 2/$2 and I had a coupon for saving $2 making them completly free.  The Listerine was only $2 after my coupons instore and additional coupon.  I then went back and got my second purchases that I forgot to get while shopping with my E which was the following:

 This purchase was 3/$10 and vitamin waters were $4....in saving store coupons for $10 for every $30 spent:)

Since my hubby is gone to NYC with his oldest child I have been getting lots of organizing projects done trying to get the house in better shape for selling....this purchase cost me $9 this week with my in store gift cards from my purchase earlier in the week.

If you don't have a Hobby Lobby app on your phone I suggest you get one....I showed my coupon app to the cashier and got 40% off this adorable pillow making it a little over $3 :) YEAH!!!!

I adore it:)

THE BEST buy of the week happened because my poor dear vacuum cleaner that I have had for a little over a year...just has coughed and sputtered and caused me GREAT headache for too long....I said goodbye but don't feel guilty its outside in the rain waiting for trash day....I had gone through vacuum cleaners like every 18 months for like...EVER! So, I started looking at Dyson and still couldn't do it....my hands would get all sweaty at just the prospect....but after a great deal of Facebook friends telling me deals around....I finally gulp...bought it....with GIDDY excitement!

Today at Kohls I bought my Dyson, socks and undershirts for my son, electric razor for my hubby and shoes for my E for the SALE price of the Dyson AT TARGET....PLUS I got $70 in Kohls cash....I was so excited I took a picture of it in the trunk:) MINE AT LAST!

Not that this has ANYTHING to do with coupons...but if you see this rug....can you believe this....

K, I vacuum EVERY DAY but this is the crud that this baby picked up!

I seriously don't know if I should be giddy or absolutely HORRIFIED!!!!! GROSSSSSSS!!!

Here was a cute wreath I bought for my front door...its been bare since I took Christmas down:(

and my adorable S Letter on clearance from Hobby Lobby:)

We also got shelves done downstairs in the basement and I have a ton of trash that needs to go out before I can get that all better organized but its a START!

So, tonight I'm making soap, watching movies, running on the treadmill and cleaning my floors and yes....I'm totally excited about it!  Yes, I'm 38...and LOVING it:)

So, go see how much money you can save this week and happy coupon clipping:)

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