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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Soap adventures!

This week I have to get some serious soap going to replenish my supply....waiting on more lye to come to my door so I'm hoping today is the day!

Here are some projects that I have done in the last three weeks! Starting with my pink zebra and purple zebra soap....fragrance is Energy and calendula petals are on the top!

I also used my new dragon fly stamp.  I'm changing the name of my soap line to EllieBelly Soaps:)

I also worked on a new fragrance that I have never used called Plumeria and the soap turned out pretty cool I think!

The last one is a cranberry fig fragrance which just happens to be one of my favorite scents!

My hubby made me sit down and figure up the cost of all my soaps:( I am sad to say that I will have to raise my prices on all my soaps:( Due to the rising cost of materials....all bars will now start off at $4.50 and all other bars will be $5.00 except the coffee soap which is the richest ingredient soap I make which will be $5.50 a bar...all bars at the two businesses that are currently marked will be sold for that price ....all others will have to be raised:( Sorry about that! STill, most bars of soap that I have seen are sold at $6 a bar so see...I'm still cheaper:) but one must make it worth her while or the craft is not worth doing:)

Have a GREAT smelling day!

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