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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Target Deals Right NOw

Last night we had a showing of our home...number 5 to be exact...with only one hours notice!!! That was not my happy place lets just say...I was running around like a CRAZY! Thankfully somedays I get these weird feelings that we are going to have a showing (I have no idea why) and I had straightened the basement and vacuumed the floors with my new baby:) I love it soooo much!

Seriously...if you have one you know what I MEAN TOTALLY!!!!!

However, my bathrooms weren't sparkly and my kitchen sink wasn't as white as can be...so I was rather sad about that...anyway, we shall wait and then wait and wait some more:)

So, since we couldn't be at home I ran some errands that I had to do but usually wait until another day to do it!

First up was Target!

1. Great deals on scarves right now and gloves...some of them are 70 percent off and all are 50 percent off...great deal to stock up on especially if you have stepdaughters like me that LOSE THEIRS all the time!!!! GRRR!
2. Buy three cereals get one free....plus there are SCADS of coupons to be had to double with this offer! By the time I was done with coupons my cereals were a little over a dollar each:)
3. Surf detergent marked down to $8 a piece and free $5 gift card with purchase of two.  After coupons that came out to be $5 a piece for two large things of detergent:)

Wednesday will find me at CVS where there are lots of deals to be had:)

By the way our dear Mr. Blueberry Fish passed yesterday so we had to say goodbye...won't go into the drama of that! However, we have a new Miss Finny fish and she's settling in well:)

Have a GREAT day everyone!

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