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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Today at CVS!

Before I head out for a day of shopping...and may I say that I no longer just "hit" the stores on my way home....its a very planned trip! So, I sat down at the computer today after I was done with school obligations and checked out krazycouponlady.com  She has a list for you of all the deals going on and in some cases and for those of you who are not so great at math...she even shows you the math...I love her:)

ANYWAY, one of the deals that she was talking about was NOT at my CVS :(((( but the other one was:)))))

So even I could do the math for this one! I had two coupons for a dollar off for two dove deoderants:) Making this price a lovely .24!!! YIPPPPEEEEEE!  I also saw several other deoderants on clearance that were cheaper than the sale price with my coupons so I decided to use a different strategy and bought the deoderants that were half the price of what the savings would be with my coupons:)

I also scored some pizzas that were on sale last week and got rainchecks for four...with my coupons that were buy two get one free I got six pizzas for a little over a three dollars:)))))

My other great score was the Glad Starter spray kit...on sale for $5 plus I had $2 coupons on each one...I got three:) plus rewards cash was made on that purchase as well:)

So, all in all I saved $127 today on my purchases which consisted of Listerine large size $2 Era detergent for $3 and several deoderants.  I also bought my E kids shampoo for a little over a dollar each plus that figured back into my reward dollars:) I got Glade plug ins for a song since they were on sale as well and I had extra coupons for that as well.  Large size of Jergens were $3 each after coupons....soooo it was a GOOD day! The total price started out at $150 and we got it down to $67 with $16 in reward bucks:))))

My Berries Jubilee soap turned out glorious and I'm soo pleased with it!!!

I so wish you could smell it! It smells glorious!!! Probably my new fav! Hope we like the cranberry seeds!

Have a GREAT rest of your day!!! Off to Target and Kohls :)

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