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Monday, January 21, 2013

Zombies in Sunday School

For those of you who think I'm being over the top...that's fine....I'm asking....simply asking.

For the record I'm not a fan of Harry Potter...I have my reasons.  However, I do allow my son to play with Nerf guns and always have.  He also has an airsoft gun and we recently bought a bow an arrow.  My family has seen the shows Lord of the Rings, Hobbit and Hunger Games.  Some of you think that is over the top and I have reasons and convictions to tell you why we believe what we believe.

Any time people hear that I home school my children they instantly feel they need to tell me how much my children are missing out on.  If you have met my children you instantly realize that this is NOT a problem.  My E is doing just fine and her outside activities include dance, basketball and Awana as well as sunday school each week.  There are only two days that she is not around children her own age.  My son T is involved on a Chess team, choir, youthgroup, basketball and is an Assistant Senior Patrol Leader in scouts where this past weekend he was able to be a SPL and helped bring his troop to victory during the Klondike!  He is in NO way socially deprived....

So, we as a family do not watch TV.  We do have a tv and watch netflix...we do watch KCPT where Ellie can watch Wild Kratts etc.  she loves that show! I have no idea about the latest shows on tv EXCEPT for Downton Abby (just finished season 1) but the other sitcoms and such I have NO idea about!

So, yesterday in the sunday school class I teach ALL the little boys (who are in first and second grade) were chasing each other around the table (big surprise) but here was the shocker...they were all talking about ZOMBIES and the LIVING DEAD???? I was completely shocked...then they were walking around acting like it and then shooting each other???? I have no idea what they are talking about but asked them to please STOP as I and the other teacher just kind of stood there in stunned silence!  Now, just so you know I allowed my son to watch Spider Man and Batman and Star Wars and all that stuff....but I don't get Zombies or what in the world is the "Living Dead?"  For me this seems ways to close to the world's view but perhaps I need to be more educated about the show...I don't plan on watching it.  Perhaps I've witnessed to many deaths and funerals to find it in anyway interesting....I really don't know.  Perhaps I've been living under a rock and I need to get "with it".

I have no desire to make other parents feel guilty or feel that they have to defend themselves...and I'm not saying in anyway that these are bad children....I know how I felt when people would point to my son and tell me that he was going to turn into some bad person because I let him play with NERF GUNS! I said my peace to that mother...and went on my way:)  As far as parenting I don't have it all figured out and you can point to my children on any given day and find FAULTS....LOTS of FAULTS! Just like you can look at me and find FAULTS,,, LOTS of FAULTS! I'm just asking....do we as parents (and that means me as well) do we look at the content of what we watch and put it next to the Bible and judge the show by that...or do we just watch what we want...and then gloss over the parts in the Bible that we want to hear?

I admit there were two scenes in Downton Abby that I watched in series 1 that greatly convicted me...I don't really see the point in putting those scenes in?

This post is not to make any parent feel guilty....I just think we ALL as parents need to take a very good look at what we allow our children to watch...and ask ourselves the question that we were raised with "What Would Jesus Do?"

Have a GREAT day!

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